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Getting angry doesn’t SOLVE anything. – ‚Grace Kelly‘


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I like birthday messages, which last longer than one day, and remind me of the person, who gave it to me. So, yes, I would love to have a nice morning message card or poster for my birthday. And than hang it on the mirror in my bathroom. Thats why I would give this one to my BFF. __ I switched from handlettering to vectorart this time, to be able to optimize the design to work on multiple products, which means, this could easily be screenprinted in different layers and colors, as every part is a pure one color vector. Ready for letterpress or foil-layers. At the same time good for CMYK PDFs, when low cost digital printing is desired. From Mini Postcard to big screenposter … __ My #HOMwork this weekend for @homsweethom, @ilanagriffo, @katiemadethat

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